Business Email Address Matters

Nowadays we all use Emails for our Business communications, let it be sending the quotes to clients/customers, placing the orders or any form of communication to our clients, employees are mostly done through emails only.

I work with many of my clients even big companies and leading business leaders; For their communication they use Emails… I find many are using the free mail services like,, etc…

While you are sending your Business communication from those public mail domains, the recipient may not be sure you are from that company, the chances are he might skip or ignore or value your email not so much.

It is always a good practice to have email Id on your own domain name like ; there many good Email service providers in Chennai offering corporate email solutions to you and your employees.

Will you use C/o address ? will you use random mobile numbers and PCOs to call your clients ? Everything about you is creating an impression to your prospect and clients, your emails too… Having email Id with your domain name gives a corporate image and high respect and value to your communication.

The company JB Soft System offers the complete mail solutions to you and your clients, each Email Id with 30GB space and you will have all Web, Mobile access.

You can contact them at 9840279047 for your own Email Ids creation.