Without a brightly lit and guided path, a human soul is a worthless existence. I’ve been blessed enough to have found my guiding light, my guru Mahatria Ra, whose teachings have always been my solace in times of duress and the reason for the peace of mind in times of uncertainty. I can’t imagine my life without the warmth that I extract because of the divine association I feel with my guru.

His blessings have been instrumental in connecting me to my internal self, enabling me to explore the complete potential that I embody. All my success, satisfaction and joy can be attributed to the teachings of infinitheism, a shining path of soul-stirring satisfaction and success laid out by my guru.

I know of hundreds and thousands of successful businessmen, leaders, sports persons and academicians who’ve reaped the blessings of the path of infinitheism, and invite all to savoir the flavours of an awakened self  by treading on the same divine path.

Website – www.infinitheism.com

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Mahatria wishes J Sampath