Discovering the natural laws of ‘Life and Growth’, inventing the methodologies and discovering the processes to implement, monitoring the process, directing the team together towards the vision of happy company with happy clients.

My employees and clients know me as an honest businessman, my family and friends regard me as a repository of faith and a pillar of strength and the society at large views me as a successful entrepreneur who’s humbly dedicated to contributing towards social improvement. However, I regard myself as nothing more than an individual who’s been lucky enough to be blessed with the gifts of progressive thinking, orientation towards actions, and guidance of a guru. More than anything, I see myself as a traveller on the path of life and strive to seek the maximum fulfilment from the experiences that the journey of life has in store for me.

After a long professional career with several firms, I opened up my own company J B Soft System, in 2001, with an aim of offering empowering tech solutions to those who need them. I’m a firm believer in the virtues of hard work, innovation and fulfilment at the workplace, and constantly strive to bring about the perfect blend of these virtues at my company and in my social dealings. Though my involvement as a thought leader and a mentor for my company and its employees keeps me considerably involved, I strive to strike a balanced approach towards life, taking out adequate time to savour all aspects of life.

In my endeavours to contribute to the society, I try to make myself available for media channel talks, public seminars and talks in social meetings. My philosophy of life derives a lot from the teachings of my guru and the path of infinitheism, which is all about unleashing the true potential of the human body and soul with balanced, progressive and positive thinking.