Plan your Day by using Calendar

From the pauper to a king they all have only 24 hours per day, no ration to you and no leverage to others, still you have to do what you have to do in 24 hours. Might be you put all your time to become what you want, you spent time to earn few 100s. As a growing entrepreneur the time will come when you are ready to put few thousands to buy that time.

From small to big business person, before they go to sleep there are pending tasks in their to-do list, to make the day more efficient, more productive plan your day not just with a Todo list, plan it with your calendar. Todos can have all tasks but the day planning to be done with calendar. I mean to say list the work to accomplish on the day, the meetings you want to make on the day. Assign time to complete the day with tentative start and end time. So that we will know whether the day can have that many items or some of tasks to be re-planned to another day. Otherwise, out of excitement, we will plan to do too many things in a day and end up doing few things that fills our day as unaccomplished day.

Let your life be filled with more of accomplished days. Plan the tasks with calendar and even before you start you will know what can be done and what can’t be done and it helps to filter the important tasks for the day. So you accomplish the things on the day and life will be filled with one more accomplished day.