Oviasree, my daughter delivering speech in a Rotary meeting, Mrs Girija Raghavan, Author of the leading Magazine Ladies Special admired and appreciated Oviasree for her energetic, effective talk. Oviasree was speaking for few mins and the take aways points are as below…

Rotary isbeyond caste and creed.
It gives confidence and culture to young people
Annet clubs help young minds in Leadership growth.
Human force is very powerful when come together.
If you simply follow your Teachers, the information they share will come to you.
If you respect and revere your teachers, their energy itself will flow through us and lead us to great heights…
You not only master the values, Value the Masters.
Normal people sees seed in fruits
We future leaders, see the Trees and Forestsin the seeds.
Every word, Every thought, Every jesture you choose create your world
People classify everything only into success and failure but there is third invisible thing, thats Opportunity missed.
Never miss an opportunity, Its ok to fail.
Where your focus goes,
There Energy Flows,
Where energy flows, that Grows…

You are the role model
You are the History
You can create History and can influence and inspire 100s thousands of lives.