An opportunity to be MC for a meeting and as well speak on My Business Classification, for any entrepreneur speaking about his business is like an opportunity to mother to talk about the birth of her child and the way she nurtured to bring up the child.

This same feel filled the environment on that meeting all Rotarians spoke about their business, Me too spoke on the way we come up for last 15 years and the humble beginning of JB Soft System and the present power and potential of the team.

Rotary is an organisation to contribute to the society, Rotary functions because of Rotarians Give, My Guru Mahatria use to tell, To Give, you should have, to have you have to Get, to get you have to explore the possibilities, once explored the possibilities, you have to actualise and maximise the potential. A man want to succeed always, A Businessman always his fellow men – Employees, Clients, vendors to succeed always.